Worlds Biggest Data Breaches

The people at Information Is Beautiful created a very interesting visual representation of the worlds biggest data breaches found HERE. The criterial to make this list is being a company that experienced losses greater than 30,000 records during a data breach. Each bubble represents a company and can be clicked to bring up data about the breached as well as a link to the original report covering the incident. The next examples show clicking the recent Home Depot breach to pull up the quick info and detailed article. There is a filter on the right used to tune into what you want to view. Pretty cool little tool. 



Another good source for learning about data breaches is the Verizon 2014 data breach report. I wrote about this and included a link to the report HERE.

One thought on “Worlds Biggest Data Breaches”

  1. Hello,
    Synchrony Financial, Information Security would like to ask permission to use the “World’s Biggest Data Breach” bubble graphic in our presentation for “educational purposes”. We will always indicate you as the source.

    We find this graphic so valuable in setting the stage as we speak about the state of cybercrime and the future ahead.

    Please let us know if there are proprietary rights which require special clearances to do so.

    Please respond to me (representing my CISO Daniel Conroy)
    Donna Hickman
    Security Awareness Lead
    Synchrony Financial
    [email protected]

    Kind Regards!

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