Why You Need an SSL Certificate

My buddy Dr. Chaos posted about why you need an SSL Certificate HERE. This is a simple 101 overview for those unaware of why this matters.

You can count on a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate to protect your website and customers from security threats. This technology will make sure that your site and private information is protected. There are a variety of different SSL Certificates out there. You want to choose the best one for your specific needs that will authenticate your site to browsers and customers. When people visit your site, you want to make sure that they know it is your authentic site. An SSL Certificate will create a padlock in your browser window that shows your site is secure. A safety prefix will also show up before your web address, and you can rely on a secure site seal that will let your visitors know that your site is safe to use. Many customers only use sites with an SSL Certificate, so you should be sure to have one so that people will feel good about doing business with you.


If you have an SSL Certificate with a warranty and your customer’s information does get compromised, you can compensate them for their loss up to a certain amount. You can choose certificates with different monetary warranties and give your customers peace of mind to do business with you.


When you want people to feel comfortable shopping with you, you have to be able to keep their information safe. An SSL Certificate will provide you with all that you need to keep your customer’s banking and private information safe. When people send information to you, they want to know that you and authorized users are the only ones who receive it. If people do not feel comfortable shopping with you, they will go to a different website to do business. You want to make sure that your site is welcoming and safe so that you gain new customers and earn repeat business for the future.

Different Levels of Protection

You want to choose the right SSL Certificate for your needs. You can pick out an option that will protect your domain or your domain and company name. There are also options that will validate your domain and unlimited sub-domains. You want to make sure that your products page is protected along with your shopping cart. When customers do business with you, their payment information should always be protected.

An SSL Certificate will make sure that your site is encrypted. Data that is sent to you will be masked so that unauthorized sources cannot read it. When information is sent safely to you, you can run your business professionally and securely. Trust is important when you want to run a successful business. Create trust between you and your customers by having an SSL Certificate that proves that your site is reliable and protected with high end technology.

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