Free Cybersecurity Classes – Cisco Networking Academy

I am continuously asked about cybersecurity training options people can access online. I was informed that there are new cybersecurity classes posted on Cisco’s Networking Academy program. They are free to access and come in various language options. Feel free to check them out using the links below. I posted the different language options. Enjoy

ECSM19-Intro to Cyber-EN

ECSM19-Intro to Cyber-ES

ECSM19-Intro to Cyber-FR

ECSM19-Intro to Cyber-DE

ECSM19-Intro to Cyber-PL

ECSM19-Intro to Cyber-IT

ECSM19-Intro to Cyber-RU

ECSM19-Cyber Essentials-EN

ECSM19-Cyber Essentials-FR

ECSM19-Cyber Essentials-DE

ECSM19-Cyber Essentials-ES

ECSM19-Cyber Essentials-RU

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