AI Image Generation Tech Can Make Fake Life Wrecking Photos! Buckle up!

Wow …. who would have thought that one day you could wake up and find a picture of you cheating on your significant other … which is 100% fake but looks real. Well, that reality is here and I’m guessing will be the next wave of pranking, ransoms and chaos. ARS Technica posted about this HERE including examples of fake cheating images like this one. Imagine somebody planting this fake picture on this guy’s phone and his wife finding it. I’m sure the “This isn’t real” argument wouldn’t go far as she removes his sack with a kitchen knife.

The good news is if this becomes a thing, trust around images will go away allowing for an auto excuse stating, “you can’t trust anything you see based on AI Image Generation”. This could also be a bad thing when real evidence is based on images, which an AI Image Generation tool could mimic and claim “well if I can make a fake image, this other one being called evidence must also be fake”. We live in crazy times and buckle up because they are about to get even more crazy!

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