NSS Labs Threat Capabilities Report Available

NSS Labs just released their latest Threat Capabilities Report found HERE. Its a short yet interesting report covering  widely used applications that were exploited after September of 2014. They list the top applications, operating systems and countries hosting command and control call homes. This one is free to download. Below is a summary from the report.

Report Overview

Knowing which exploits are currently being used, and knowing which platforms and applications are currently being targeted provides an organization with insight into where it should focus protection. If an attacker is successfully using exploits against an application that the organization does not have deployed, then there is no risk. If the exploit is targeting an application that the organization has deployed, there is considerable risk.

Know When You Are At Risk

The NSS Threat Capabilities Report focuses on exploits rather than malware. Key Highlights Include:

  • Targeted Applications and Operating Systems
  • Geographical Command and Control Data
  • Locations and Callback Port Updates

If organizations know the exploits that are currently targeting applications or operating systems (or combinations) within their environment, they can then respond proactively. For example, by investing in more protections or by tuning existing systems, it is possible to more effectively defend against attacks.

See the report to get the details HERE. Nsslabs123

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