Metasploit Framework 6.4 Released

The newest version of Metasploit is out. The full release notes can be found HERE via Rapid7. I didn’t see anything ground breaking but here is a summary of the release.

  • Release Details:
    • Metasploit Framework 6.4 is now available.
    • It follows the release of version 6.3, which occurred just over a year ago.
    • The team has introduced several new features and improvements since version 6.3.

  • Kerberos Improvements:
    • Metasploit 6.3 initially supported Kerberos authentication.
    • Subsequent updates have enhanced Kerberos-related capabilities:
      • The auxiliary/admin/kerberos/forge_ticket module now supports diamond and sapphire techniques, in addition to golden and silver techniques.
      • Compatibility with Windows Server 2022 has been achieved by incorporating additional fields.
      • The new post/windows/manage/kerberos_tickets post module allows users to dump Kerberos tickets from compromised hosts. This functionality operates entirely in memory and facilitates exploiting instances of Unconstrained Delegation.
      • The auxiliary/gather/windows_secrets_dump module now supports pass-the-ticket authentication using the DCSync technique (DOMAIN action). Users can dump secrets from the target using a valid Kerberos ticket, eliminating the need for username/password authentication.

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