Demystifying Tokens: A Beginners Guide To Understanding AI Building Blocks

Tomorrow … April 1st … April fools day Microsoft releases its security focused AI technology. It’s called Copilot for security and aimed to change how security operation center’s function. This pod cast (found HERE) on cyberwire talks more about whats coming.

Like with many cool things, “how much does it cost” will come up. Most AI technologies will have a cost based on how AI is used. To best understand why this is the case, you need to understand how generative AI works. This means you need to understand how tokens work. I found website from Medium a good resource to understand the concept of tokens (found HERE). In summary, when you speak with an AI technology, your words are converted into tokens. You should expect about a 25% growth meaning 750 words would be about 1000 tokens. Other factors can also impact price such as the workload being executed by the AI, etc. but tokens are an important concept to understand.

Make sure to check out this website to better understand the concept of Tokens. It will help you understand AI pricing models as well as how to better prompt.

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