Invention Market Scam – Don’t Waste Your Money With Davison.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 4.02.28 PMI discovered a scam while researching methods to develop new ideas. Like many people, I have ideas but unsure how to make them real products. I found firms offering research, prototype development and marketing services for inventions. I decided to run a few ideas through the top advertised firm on Google known as Davison Design & Development.

Experience with Davison

Davison presents itself as a successful invention firm. Their website has customer quotes, products they brought to market (see HERE) and videos from popular TV shows like Lifetime’s The Balancing Act (see HERE). If you search Google for Davison customer feedback, you will find endless complaints and lawsuits. I question Davison about the negative feedback and was provided rebuttal videos targeting the Better Business Bureau as a means to defuse the bad press (see HERE). 

I submitted two ideas under different aliases to put Davison to the test. The first idea is something I believe is great while the other is ridiculous and should be discarded. I filled out an online form for both ideas and eventually spoke with a sales rep. One interesting part of the process is Davison requires users to accept that they have reviewed Davison’s success rate.  As you can see, they are open about how unlikely they can bring your idea to market. My gut tells me this protects Davison from future lawsuits.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 4.33.01 PM

Users Must Agree Before Submitting Ideas (click to enlarge)

The interview for both ideas were similar. I gave lots of details for the good idea and little effort explaining the bad concept yet both moved to an investment request. Davison requests $795 dollars to provide copyright research, quote to build a prototype and potential companies for marketing the idea. The overall feeling of the process is having a car salesman push you to spend money on research. I was given links to a handful of videos and presented an “act now and save 10%” program.

I inquired about future steps and additional costs for developing my idea. The second phase for Davison is developing a prototype that typically requires $8,000-$15,000 dollars unless I have an existing prototype. From there Davison may require additional endorsements depending on how many rights to revenue I would sacrifice if the product becomes successful.

Research on Davison

Searching “Davison scam” brought up complaints on message boards, lawsuits filed against Davison and websites dedicated to warn people to avoid them (lawsuit example HERE). Customers complained Davison’s research was poor and presentations were generic. Prototypes rarely met expectations and some required additional funding. A few Davison customers were given a five days notice to invest $7000-$10,000 additional dollars on top of the initial prototype investment before having their project terminated. Many customers posted warnings that Davison avoids documentation by using verbal commitments which later are difficult to prove in court when requesting a refund.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 4.43.07 PM


Davison Lawsuit example

Research on Davison employment had red flags. Monster only had one sales job listed promising 100+ k per year. Glassdoor showed low salaries for director level positions. Research on Davison employees didn’t have a digital footprint. I was assigned agents with titles “director of new products” and “Executive assistant to the president” yet they didn’t exist on Linkedin, Facebook, or any people finding services. Most likely employees make up there own titles and switch names to avoid refund requests.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 4.50.40 PM

Davison Monster Job Posting

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 4.56.52 PM

Glassdoor Showing Davison Salaries 

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 4.55.51 PM

Glassdoor Showing Davison Employee Feedback

Davison badgered me with multiple calls and emails warning me my 10% discount was about to expire. They would lead with “Davison is the most successful company in the invention industry, and the proof is in the stores” yet only 15 of 689,568 customers have made money in the last five years! My advise is save $15,000 or more and do copyright research yourself. Invest with a graphic design firm to develop a concept and see where that takes you. Avoid invention companies like Davison. You are better off playing the lottery.url

I can help you with your idea!

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25 thoughts on “Invention Market Scam – Don’t Waste Your Money With Davison.”

  1. Oh my! This Davison thing is really terrible. I just hope this kind of scam would not prosper since this really sucks. Thanks so much for posting your terrible experience with this company. This helps a lot.

  2. A disclaimer is ethically only good if they do not continue (STOP) doing what they did before they were ORDERED to put up a disclaimer. Because of the latent nature of this disclaimer, many are fooled into proceeding because they just didn’t see the “TINY” link on a second page from Davison’s homepage. Many get excited about the prospect of getting their idea started they miss it entirely. They are such experts at inventing that they re-invented their name to “INVENTIONLAND.” What does that say about their BRAND?

  3. Davison is one of the most untrustworthy companies I have ever came to know. Especially David Di Pietro! Do Not Trust him! He will tell you one thing and do another just to steal your ideas. I cant tell you enough that he seems nice in the beginning but its only to stomp on your dreams in the end no matter if you are poor or going through hard times.

  4. Too bad I didn’t research this company better before I lost my $13k through them. A total rip-off Back in 2017-18. What vexes me is how they still tried to hustle me to pay them more to pitch my idea to other companies this year.
    I told them upfront that I have many ideas and I wanted to choose a better one earlier on before the development. They didn’t care obviously because they acted so confident about this initial idea being successful. It was BS.

    1. Yep I found the same and do not suggest to work with them. They tried to have me pull down this blog post but I continue to fight the good fight.

      1. Hi there, I am currently in conversations with Davison. They mismanaged my invention, it took 5 years for them to do half the work and I am seeking to get out. I invested $12,000, and they are offering me an exit payout of $3,500. But I have to sign an ironclad waiver. Is there any agency that can help in taking low risk legal action or should I just be happy to accept less that a third of my investment back?

        1. See if you can file lawsuit all by yourself, no lawyers, request twice what you’ve lost and then start negotiate. Maybe they will pay you back in exchange for dropping case.

        2. Hello everyone I’m currently with Davison. I found Davison on a site help poor people fund there invention. I got a call from a horrible person ANTHONY) I picked my idea and he loved it I couldn’t believe it I was going to be some body I was going to be able to buy my wife a home before I pass away. I have a rare auto Ammuine disorder there is no cure I’m a 41year old woman that won’t be here in three years and this man (ANOTHONY) knows all I want is to buy a home so I no my wife will be ok , I was so excited I cried I shook , he never returns my calls unless I message him that I have money he’s a liar scam artist and DAVISON and all his employees expecialy (ANTHONY) ARE LIARS!!! they are horrible people who steel from the poor,sick,dieng,suffering, they don’t care if ur on SSD they have no consciousness. I started recording conversations because I wanted my wife to hear how he talked to me it’s horrible..DAVISON WILL STILL FROM THE RICH,POOR,EVERYONE STAY CLEAR.

  5. Hi, I was suckered from Davison for the “app fee”. I was entertaining discussions, until most recently I got Covid and asked to pick up conversations. It became more like buying a used car, all the red flags. The threatened to cancel the contract. Needless to say, I was skeptical, but don’t have the time to pursue.

    Couple questions- is there any class action or other claims I can do to reclaim my $695. Im concerned they will steal my idea. Are there any “legit” companies that can help?

    1. Hi. I’m not a lawyer and had legal action placed against me for this blog post. I continue to fight the good fight and keep this post up to keep people aware. You will have to consult with a lawyer to see your options at this point. Sorry you have to go through this and I wish you the best.

    2. we feel cheated and lied to also….same push. same lies. same demands for more and more money. we want our money returned and a signed affidavit Davison will not steal our idea nor give it to any third party.

  6. Omggg I just started with them what should I do I had multimillion dollar idea.. I just paid the 613… it just started what should I do ? Where should I take my idea ??? Help me please

  7. I read all the negatives about Davison Company then saw their lawyers replies. I had hope because I figured that those who complained weren’t up on their game. I had product complete up to marketing, have patent and product on hand when Davison offered to introduce me to 45 out of 400 prospects. After $3400 to them, and 5 months later, they sent an email to five (5) companies out of 13 they identified. Of these 5, they had never approached nor sold to ever. Five months later, they have contacted none others. They don’t return calls, they don’t work for you, but they do collect your money. Contact me, I may be able to help. Tom at

    1. tom can we join forces with all the complaining people on this site? everyone feels and believes this company to be up to their old fraudulent tricks again.

    2. I am reading this just now (I know it’s been a year since your post), but I am dealing with Davison now, and I am pretty frustrated. Almost 14K down and over 2 years later, I still have nothing in my hands and to this day I feel they have not understood what my invention is about. All they do is ask for more money, and then they disappear for months with no updates. Anything I can do about it?

      1. I’m not a lawyer but can give you my personal thoughts. First off, there is no reason to further fund anything until you get a result. You should look into if you can take your idea somewhere else without Davison owning some part of it. You should see what you can get at this point (prototype, prototype documents, etc) before you walk so at least you get something for your money. If you decide to further fund them, you should ask for specific outcomes prior to any more payment. You may also want to speak with a legal advisor however, Davison probably had you sign a ton of documents stating they are not liable for pretty much anything allowing them to do as they please. Good luck. At least your story may help others.

      2. If you find out I’d like to know as well. They got me for $12,000 and I got nothing but negative emotions.

  8. Hello to anyone that has taken the time to research Davison Invention and to
    read this testament of my personal dealings with them as a company.
    The short answer is don’t do it, If you have years and years to waste and over 15,000 or so to spend on an idea you would be better off doing it yourself as it would be a lot quicker and probably cheaper.
    In the beginning they were very professional and convincing that the idea/concept that I had was well within their wheel house and they were more than capable of brining it to life (It wasn’t a very technical concept by any stretch of the imagination). There were a few little things that I was hoping that as professionals would be able to produce a wow product but this as years later and probably being a little to trusting of the smoke and mirrors wasn’t the case, after 15K + AUS dollars and over 2yrs later we got to the stage of approaching companies with a concept and I was then asked to coff up another $3,500 to produce a video to present to said companies, this was never mentioned in the beginning for obvious reasons as I would have walked and tried this in another avenue as getting near 20,000 to produce a matt was a bit excessive in my opinion.
    I am currently going on to my third year and after seeing what their brilliant idea for my project was, I did some research and found out that all they did was copy a product that was already mass produced and called it my idea which is nothing like what I had presented to them in the beginning, now my calls are being dodged and when I do get through am treated like dirt being spoken over and constantly hung up on. I was enquiring about getting my idea back to the original concept but they are not willing to do this?? Reasons unknown?? Probably as they don’t have to make an effort and can pocket more of the money that I invested. NOT IMPRESSED. I am currently attempting to get some sort of refund but ultimately would love to see my project in stores and know that it is a beneficial product that people would enjoy and help them in the was it was intended. Not holding my breath on any sort of refund. Don’t trust this company and all the smoke and mirrors am sure it isn’t the easiest way for new people to get their ideas out there but this is not a great avenue. I hope that this has been of some help and that you don’t go through years of stress heart ache and financial lose as I and so many other people have.
    Good luck in your idea and do think twice about Davison as a company.

    I hope this helps

  9. Davidson stole my idea and I feel like I need to sue them. I came up with turbo spin cleaner in early 2000s and paid all the fees only to find out they never did anything but sent me a non working unit they created. A class action lawsuit was filed not by me but others and I only got a small percentage of what I spent. I found out the exact same product was in stores years later by clorox called the toilet wand. Literally my exact model and functionality. I was pissed but I feel like I need to still sue them for that because I have all thier documents and my product that they developed. They check to make sure no one has the same product before moving forward, so to see my product in stores made by clorox had me fuming. Do I have a case or what do I do?

    1. Hi. Im not a lawyer but I would look into this. The good news is if you have proof and copyright paperwork backing up your idea prior to the release of the Clorox product, you probably can win a case. Clorox is big and would have to pay out. My advice is seeking out a lawyer for a free consultation assuming you do have the copyright for the design. They would know best. Most lawyers will not charge to meet and chat about your chances. Its worth the time to look into it. Good luck.

  10. Davison Group ripped me off as well. They read from a script and tell everyone their ideas are great, even when they aren’t. They took $12,000 from me and never produced any product and then ditched me when I called them out on it. They are a scam company are not to be trusted. To add insult to injury, I was 24 yrs old with my 1st invention. Through their fine print contract, they literally stole my idea and now own my idea! TERRIBLE COMPANY!!! I should probably sue them. Taught me to never trust a business!

  11. I know someone who is currently going through Davison. When they stated what their idea was, it triggered something in my brain. I headed to the internet and found out that not only is there already patents for this, but a major corporation added this feature to their product as of 2022. They apparently had been working on it for the last 10 years and patents date back to the 90s. It honestly took me very little time to find this info. Davison told this person that no one else had an idea like it and started asking for money to “secure their idea.” This person doesn’t have much but they pay anyway. People have tried letting them know that they are being scammed but they refuse to listen. They’ve been sold a dream and they can’t let go of the notion that they are going to be rich. Nothing else I can do there but I figured I’d try to post here and warn others. It seems Davison won’t even do something as simple as a patent search. All they want is your money and they don’t care if you can’t afford it. Don’t be their victim.

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