Interesting Infographic about The FBI and its Magic Lantern

This was sent to me by a blog reader regarding the FBI’s magic lantern project. I also found some other sources such as

1) Wired’s findings found HERE

2) ABC News found HERE

3) found HERE

It is very interesting to see what the FBI could use to monitor your computer behavior. Key-loggers are typically associated with cyber criminals however it seems that the FBI leverages similar tactics (which totally makes sense … why limit the best tactics to the malicious users). Key-loggers such as the magic lantern install themselves as a rootkit meaning they burrow into the core system making it difficult to detect and remove. One interesting note some sources are calling out about the FBI version is it is whitelisted by anti-virus vendors meaning commercial security products are designed to not remove it. This means you are on your own regarding detecting and removing this software.

Check out the Inforgraphic for more info.

NOTE: I’m just posting what was sent to me. This is not my research and something I found interesting. See my “About this blog” regarding legal stuff.


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