How Internet Forensics Changed Criminal Investigations

The people from Cyber Crimebusters developed a Infographic about how Internet forensics has changed criminal investigations. The original can be found HERE.

The interesting points to me are how social media and mobile devices are becoming a common source for investigations. I find it humorous when people post pictures of themselves doing crazy things on social media sources and shocked when that comes back to haunt them later such as in job interviews. I’ve provided examples of how I used people’s data on Facebook (previous job roles, friend’s current location, etc) to pretend I’m a friend from years ago using a fake Facebook ID to obtain data during an authorized penetration testing (more on that HERE). Its critical to know what you have public about yourself and question anybody that seems fishy. Trust me, its better to ask for proof of identity when you don’t know who you are speaking with rather than assume the wrong person is a trusted friend. 

This inforgraphic includes stats about the top data taken from mobile phones. One common example we see in magazines is unfiltered embarrassing pictures of celebrities that typically come from hacking mobile devices. So the second piece of advice is if you have sensitive information on your phone, assume it could be obtains by either malicious users or later requested for a court case. Also know that deleting something doesn’t necessarily mean the data is being destroyed. There are many forensics tools available that can pull all data included stuff you may have thought is deleted from a mobile device.

Enjoy the Infographic.


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