Free FSU Online Security Classes : Offensive Computer Security

The Computer Science department at Florida State University is offering free computer security class lectures. You can find the entire CIS4930 and CIS5930 courses online HERE. These are the Spring 2014 classes so the content is pretty current. There are 26 lessons ranging from lock picking to launching attacks with Metasploit. Videos include lecture slides to download.

The Class Topics Covered are

  1. Week 1: Intro, Ethics and Overview
  2. Secure C Coding
  3. Code Auditing
  4. The Permissions Spectrum
  5. Reverse Engineering Workshop
  6. Fuzzing Lecture 1 + 2
  7. Exploitation Lecture 1+ 2
  8. Exploit Development
  9. Networking Lecture
  10. Exploit Development
  11. Wireshark and Web Application Hacking
  12. Web Application Hacking Security
  13. ROP
  14. Metasploit
  15. Meterpreter and Post Exploitation
  16. Volatility and Forensics
  17. Social Engineering
  18. Physical Security & Locks/Lockpicking

BTW … Go Noles


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