Cool Book : Nmap 6 – Network Exploration and Security Auditing Cookbook


I get invited to review things from time to time. My latest invite was reviewing a cookbook style guide designed to be a reference for beginner and advance Nmap users. For those that are not familiar with Nmap, it’s an open-source tool built for network exploration and security auditing. Nmap users range from ethical penetration testers to evil hackers. There are dozens of tools that perform automated assessment functions however nothing beats a very skilled Nmap user.

The Nmap 6 cookbook a simple approach to providing the information. Each section is broken into commands, explaining how it works and ways to go beyond via “There’s more”. I wouldn’t recommend it as a leisure weekend read however great for the person looking to perform specific functions with Nmap. For example, if you want to brute force a MS SQL password, you can go to that section and find the command $ nmap –p3306 –script mysql –brute <target>.

I give this a thumb up to anybody using Nmap seeking a simple guide to execute specific actions or somebody looking to brush up on their knowledge. You can download it HERE. If you haven’t played with Nmap, go download it from http:/ or download the latest Backtrack toolset.

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