My Article in PenTest Magazine – Backtrack Compendium July 2013

PenTest Magazine just released a issue focused on BackTrack titled BackTrack Compendium. I wrote a piece on compromising passwords using tools available in Kali Linux. An image from the introduction of my piece can be found below. I haven’t had a chance to review the entire magazine however glancing over it and found many interesting topics such as “Improve your Firewall Auditing”, “Building a SQLI Test Lab”, “How to Set Up a Software Hacking Lab”, “Multiphase Penetration Testing with Metasploit, Backtrack and Armitage”, “Metasploit Primer”, and many many more. I have a lot of good reading to do this week 🙂

The magazine can be purchased from

This is the advertisement about the magazine. Its 150 pages of deep tech and totally worth it.

Introduction to BackTrack where some basics will be discussed;

Building your Lab which will teach you how to configure your machine and how to combine the BackTrack with other tools;
Multiphase Testing where some pentesting methodology on the basis of BackTrack will be explained;
Tools where some possibilities of the toolkit will be presented;
Scenarios where all what you will have learnt previously will get proven in real life scenarios!

For more details, see the issue’s Table of Contents.

How to use BackTrack? What the toolkit can be applied to? What can be achived by using it?
Looking for answers? Get the BackTrack Compendium now!


 Introduction part of article by Joseph Muniz


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