Twitter and New Threads Privacy Concerns

Billions of people are creating Threads accounts as the battle begins between Twitter and Meta’s new Threads platform. Regardless of which you use, both are using your data as payment for the service. PCmag explains concerns for data privacy between both platforms (Found HERE). It’s worth a read to better understand what is shared, who can see your data points, and what are the risks.

My thoughts are first, both platforms are not the only services that collect and use your data in return for a free service. If you have concerns, you need to apply security across everything you use online rather than micro focus on one platform while not review others. However, it is also important to compare what is shared between each platform to identify when one is overly abusing data. This is really hard to do as knowing the true risk and use of your data can be close to impossible to validate. Yes, many services post how data is collected and used however, you have no way to validate any of what is promised.

Check out the post HERE when time permits.

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