Exploring the Dark Side: OSINT Tools and Techniques for Unmasking Dark Web Operations

I found THIS article interesting from the hacker news. They talk about various technics to uncover sellers on the dark web. What makes this concept interesting is the idea behind threat actors “building a customer base” within a system that is built on an anonymous framework (dark web) mixed with the risk of being busted.

Every big dark web black market (Silk Road, AlphaBay, Hansa, Wall Street, and now Genesis) have all been taken down. This means sellers have to be stealthy and extra careful yet, if they can’t obtain repeatable business, they likely can’t grow into a successful business. This begs the question of how are they building a brand? It is possible that the buyers are using the techniques posted in this article to find sellers they have used in the past. The hacker news talks about this concept.

Again, find the article HERE.

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