Recommended Reading : 3 Security Related Books To Check Out

Many of us will have a little extra time the next few weeks once the holidays kick in. Below are some recommended security related books I’ve enjoyed. Feel free to comment on these or other books you have read and suggest. Happy Holidays

The title and cover of this book may seem like a boring technology training book however its actually a really well written story with technical aspects. I enjoyed this book for a few reasons. First off, it combines fiction writing with real technology. Second, it does a great job of explaining how hackers usually take multiple steps to achieve a objective. For example, one mini story talks about how a target company was very secure however a company they do business with was vulnerable and exploited by attackers to gain access to the primary company. In the real world, compromising a target requires a lot of research as well chaining together multiple exploits as explained in this book.


Stealing The Network – The Complete Series Collectors Editions

I received a free copy of the first book from this series a few years ago. I couldn’t put it down and later picked up the entire series. All four books are awesome. They have a really cool fiction storyline that includes many real world hacking concepts. Unlike the Chained Exploits book, this series has one core story that all books are based off of. Think of it like a hacker version of Breaking Bad meaning the story follows a guy who lost his family and doesn’t care about what he does as long as he makes money fast. His goals are achieved through the use of managing relationships with various hackers using false identities. The writers do a fantastic job capturing both viewpoints of cyber police tracking the criminals and lifestyle of the hacker underground.

I can’t say enough good things about this series. Check out the first book and most likely, you will pick up the rest.


Google Hacking For Pen Testers Volume 2

Google hacking is a really cool concept I posted about HERE. All you need is a Internet Browser to do most of the exercises. This isn’t like the two other books meaning there isn’t a cool fictional story surrounded by real technology however you can immediately try anything you learn. That makes the reading very entertaining.

Oh and if you are into penetration testing, want to learn how to protect your network from attacks or want a better understanding of the number 1 free penetration testing software used by both penetration testers and hackers … Kali Linux, check out my book 🙂

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