NBC News Article On Shutdown Of Silk Road 2.0 But Silk Road 3.0 Up Days Later

NBC News post last week about the arrest of the alleged Silk Road 2.0 operator Blake Benthall found HERE. The FBI is charging Blake with running an online “black market bazaar” where anonymous users can trade illegal goods and services. Silk Road has been up since November of 2013 weeks after Silk Road 1.0 was shutdown (post on Silk Road 2.0 HERE). The funny thing is I found Silk Road 3.0 up DAYS after the shutdown of Silk Road 2.0. You can see more on this below. 

For those not familiar with the Darknet, you can learn more about it on my post HERE. Using Tor, I went to the hidden wiki and found that Silk Road 2.0 was indeed marked as SEIZED.  Right above it was a link to the new Silk Road 3.0 as shown below.


So for those looking to check out the new Silkroad, go to the hidden wiki found at http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page or hit Silk Road directly at http://reloadedudjtjvxr.onion/login.php. The next screenshot is the new login page.

silkroad3Or you can access their forums to learn more. You don’t need a login to browse here.


Here is their explanation of what happens to Silkroad 2.0.


Another interesting comment about how the FBI tracked Benthall



—- UPDATE – November 20th 2014 —-

It seems like some of the hidden wiki sites are being seized. Here is the latest link http://wikitjerrta4qgz4.onion/

The old link will show this Silkroad1

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