My new book: CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND #210-250 Official Cert Guide

After months of hard work, the first of my two CCNA Cyber Ops certification books is out. I wrote this with two cool dudes … Omar Santos and Stefano De Crescenzo. This is my first certification book and even includes a CD …. with stuff (need to check it out myself)You can find the book on most online stores such as Amazon and Barns and Nobles however it may only be available directly from Ciscopress at the moment. Hopefully it helps those looking to obtain the Cyber Opts cert.

Ciscopress – HERE

Amazon – HERE

Barns and noble – HERE

My comments on the exams are they are not typical Cisco exams. You don’t see much Cisco technology or perform hands on product configuration. The exams targets Cyber operations so expect things like Wireshark logs and attack methodology verses memorizing Cisco product configuration. If you have experience with Cyber security and security operations, the fundamentals exam should be pretty easy. The 2nd exam (SECOPS) may be a bit more challenging even if you have some experience. We hope to have that book out shortly. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “My new book: CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND #210-250 Official Cert Guide”

  1. Will the book be available on Safari Books Online soon? I see the videos are already there.

  2. Hello Joseph,

    Do you think that is recommendable to do the Comptia CSA? while studying for the Cyber ops. Both certs seems to be related. Love your book by the way.

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