Microsoft Edge Hardening – Security baseline for Microsoft Edge v103 and Firefox

Browser exploitation is still happening allowing threat actors to own your computer. I’ve posted about the browser exploitation framework aka BeEF HERE. It’s still effective since many people use browsers that are not secured.

How do you secure your browser? Keeping it up to date is a very good start but there are also settings that can increase security. To best understand how to secure your browser, you need to seek the vendor’s recommended security baseline.

For those that use Microsoft Edge, Microsoft posted the latest security baseline for Edge HERE. For Firefox users, go HERE. I tried to find one for Chrome however, I just found some reports showing how secure Chrome is supposed to be.

Spend the weekend validating your browser is up to date and try going into the security settings to see what can be enabled. You will likely find some unchecked options that should be enabled to better protect you.

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