Google Settles $5 Billion Privacy Lawsuit Over Tracking Users in ‘Incognito Mode’

This article from thehackernews shocked me. I’ve used google incognito mode many times and thought my actions were private. It turns out they were sorta … but sorta not. Google was still tracking my activities and websites could still see me … which isn’t being incognito. This is a primary reason why one needs to invest in privacy software vs assuming native tools will work at face value. The term Incognito mode is extremely misleading if the user isn’t really incognito.

Google’s argument against this lawsuit is they displayed a message (probably in super tiny print with the lead buried) about how their activity MIGHT still be visible to websites. Nobody reads such fine print and the overall marketing for the feature is to hide your activity. What does MIGHT mean anyway? The mode will decide when you should be incognito? I’m glad flaw was exposed and there is a huge penalty behind it.

See the details on this via thehackernews article found HERE.

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