Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen accidentally cited fake court cases generated by AI

I’m not posting this as a means of showing political favoritism. What is interesting is this example of AI’s impact on politics. Most of us heard about bot influence on the last US election (for those that didn’t, there was a ton of bots spewing fake political topics with the goal of triggering people’s reactions … along with the goal of reducing trust in the US election system). What is really interesting is the potential impact of AI. How will politicians use AI? Will future presidential speeches include AI generated content? If so, will it be validated for truth? Will AI and BOTs team up to impersonate politicians? Signs are all showing these will become threats.

Check out this redit post about how Michael Cohen failed at using Google’s AI (BARD) to research a case found HERE. The lesson here is that AI needs to be validated. It is a powerful tool but it isn’t a autopilot for getting things done.

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