Generative AI Questions Making Sales Engineers ‘Lose Their Minds’

Channel Features posted an interesting article HERE that points out many realities about how AI is being used vs marketing Fudd. Like with other popular terms like CLOUD and BIG DATA, AI is being talked about as a feature that exists in every product coming to market. Is it really …… no its not. Many companies are just using open AI yet claiming it’s something they created. Some companies are using AI as a middleware and some are even not really using AI but claiming it just to sound important.

I like this posting view of this topic. They first break down the difference between selling AI as a product vs selling AI as part of a solution. Then they highlight when to identify vaporware vs real use cases. It’s a good read.

My thoughts on this topic are similar. You need to ask some specific questions to validate how real AI usage is when you hear a solution is AI or uses AI. I’ve posted about this HERE via how to train AI using your company data. There is a TOOOOOONNNNN of false marketing coming out about the use of AI. You need to ask questions and not assume what you hear is true regarding statements like “we use AI to …. “. I’m finding 7 out of 10 times there isn’t any real use cases leverage AI when AI is claimed to be used.

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