When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s passport number

Wow, this is a super interesting post touching on why you should never post your boarding pass picture on any social media. Rather than copying it over, go to this link or click HERE. In short, its the story of digging into Tony Abbott using a boarding pass he posted online.


Here are the lessons learned from this story.

  1. NEVER. … EVER … post your boarding pass online. This is how this story began. The researcher used a boarding pass posted on social media to capture sensitive information.
  2. There are tutorials on hacking boarding passes … such as the one HERE.
  3. If you expose yourself like this, multiple people will likely jump on the bandwagon since the world is full of curious people.
  4. Other personal details that are not displayed on a boarding pass can be pulled about you if the right techniques are used
  5. Many of thee techniques, if not all are not necessarily illegal. It all depends on where you live, what the rules are for accessing information and how you access the data.

Anyway, its a good read. In short, this researcher compromises the account with the boarding pass information, attempts to inform all parties of what was done and eventually speaks with Tony. Enjoy this and your weekend.

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