My Zero Trust Course is Live!

I have been teaching a Zero Trust course for a while. I finally got time to expand on the content and hit the studio to record a video course. After months of editing and adjustments, its now live. Check it out at


Never trust/always verify. This is the core tenant of Zero Trust, but this is easier said than done. But what is zero trust; why should you care about it, and how do you get started? The Zero Trust Framework is a 5-hour video course that answers all these questions and helps you build the skills needed for your Zero Trust journey. You’ll learn how to talk about Zero Trust as well as how to use Zero Trust concepts to improve the security of your organization, regardless of where you are in that journey. Included throughout are real-life use cases, assessment methodologies, and maturity ranking techniques that will help you create a customized Zero Trust journey specific to your line of business.

Topics include network, endpoint, and cloud security concepts. The course starts by providing an overview of key security concepts covering the foundational security knowledge needed. It then examines misconceptions, such as how Zero Trust best practices can’t be achieved by simply acquiring a technology like a firewall, identity management solution, or network access control offering. With a strong focus on revolutionizing your defense strategy using the Zero Trust framework, this is a must for anyone who is responsible for the security of their organization.

Bestselling author, trainer, and cyber practitioner Joseph Muniz uses his expertise to discuss the modern standards of the Zero Trust framework. He demonstrates his methodology by working through NIST, the Open Group, and a generic view of Zero Trust from principles to architecture.

Topics in this course include

  • Why Care About Security and Zero Trust
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Zero Trust Beginning
  • Zero Trust Principles
  • Open Group Architecture
  • NIST 800-207 Architecture
  • Generalized Zero Trust Architecture
  • Build Your Own Zero Trust Journey

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