Microsoft Acquiring LinkedIn / Symantec Acquiring Bluecoat

Whoh there are some big acquisitions being announced. First Microsoft is acquiring linkedin for $26.2 Billion. You can learn more about this via Wall Street Journal’s post HERE. At first glance, it looks like Microsoft is paying a ton to enhance its social media play. The second interesting announcement is Symantec acquiring Bluecoat for $4.65bn. I guess Symantec is going to replace their Symantec Web Gateway offering with Bluecoat with hopes of gaining more web security market share? You can learn more about this at the financial times posting HERE.

Last one to mention is Fortinet is acquiring AccelOps. AccelOps is a pretty nifty SIEM developed by some people from the old CS-MARS and Opsware teams. Fortinet hasn’t been seen as a SIEM provider so this is a obvious play to gain some of that market share as well as offer management plugins to the other Fortinet products.

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