How Europe is Leading the World in the Push to Regulate AI

Securityweek posted about how Europe is about to pass some laws to regulate AI. That post can be found HERE.

Why care? First, unless you have been hiding under a rock the last year, you will know the impact AI has in technology. Pretty much every big IT player is doubling down on AI capabilities. For example, Apple just announced a new headset that is based on AI concepts learning about the user and the environment the user is using it in. Many security tools are announcing AI as part of the machine learning part of digesting big data. For example, Microsoft announced Copilot for security that ties AI and machine learning concepts into its XDR platform. You can ask “What is my security posture” and get an answer based on various data points. It is like “google” for security.

Why care about regulation? This power can be great but also abused. Imagine something terrible like child sex traffickers using this technology to identify victims. Without regulations, this is one of the many horrible risks that can come into play.

You may be thinking why Europe? China and the USA are the leading AI researchers but what is happening in Europe could set the tone for how regulation is enforced globally. Somebody has to be the first to implement controls.

If you are interested in better understanding how AI can be regulated, check out this post HERE.

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