Google patches actively exploited Chrome browser zero-day vulnerability

Hi all. The short lesson learned from this post is … “Upgrading your Chrome build as quickly as possible is recommended.”. In short, there is a potential day zero impacting chrome browsers. ZD-NET posted details about this possible threat found HERE. Here are details from the post.

The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2021-21166, was reported by Alison Huffman from the Microsoft Browser Vulnerability Research team on February 11 and is described as an “object lifecycle issue in audio.” 

Google has labeled the vulnerability as a “high” severity security flaw and has fixed the issue in the latest Chrome release.  

Alongside CVE-2021-21166, Huffman also recently reported another high-severity bug, CVE-2021-21165, another object lifestyle issue in audio problem, and CVE-2021-21163, an insufficient data validation issue in Reader Mode. 

The tech giant has not revealed further details concerning how CVE-2021-21166 is being exploited, or by whom. 

Google’s announcement, published on Tuesday, also marked the release of Chrome 89 to the stable desktop channel for Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, which is currently rolling out. Users should upgrade to Chrome 89.0.4389.72 once available. 

The Chrome 89.0.4389.72 release also contains a swathe of other security fixes and browser improvements. In total, 47 bugs have been patched, including a high-severity heap buffer overflow in TabStrip (CVE-2021-21159), another heap buffer overflow in WebAudio (CVE-2021-21160), and a use-after-free issue in WebRTC (CVE-2021-21162). A total of eight vulnerabilities are considered high-severity.

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