CBSNews DARPA: Nobodys safe on the Internet 60 Mins Video

CBSNews has a segment of 60s minutes covering how DARPA “the creator of the Internet” is fighting cyber crime (found HERE). They claim Dan Kaufman aka Darpa Dan and his team have built a application that can monitor the military’s network for compromised hosts. They continue to claim “any device that is breached will show up as red dots so you know EXACTLY whats going on”. Uhhhhh sure … is this malware / breach detection mixed with behavior analytics or is it just smoke and mirrors to look impressive on TV?

Next they say they can shut down or quarantine an infected system. Ok well at least that sounds reasonable since technology like NAC is around so just add a desktop management application and that is accomplished. I guess it sounds reasonable when DARPA Dan’s team gets a half of billion dollars a year to develop technology according to this report. With that budget, they better be able to accomplish something. 

Regardless of the cheese, this video is entertaining. They even cover hacking cars like some of us saw a few years back at Blackhat. In this video, they show remotely launching the horn, stopping the brakes and activating the windshield wipers. I thought the Blackhat version was cooler when they made a moving car go right into parallel parking mode however that probably would have made Lesley Stahl have a heart attack if they tried that during this 60 mins segment.

You can find the video HERE. It is worth the watch.

This description of the video is listed as: Meet the man the Department of Defense has put in charge of inventing technology to secure the Internet: Dan Kaufman, a former video game developer turned cyber warrior. Lesley Stahl reports.

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