Bruce Schneier – How AI will change democracy

I am a Bruce Schneier fan. If you missed RSA, you missed a talk on how AI will change democracy. Cyberscoop just posted a article by Bruce summarizing what was covered at RSA as well as additional thoughts. That article can be found HERE.

It is worth the time to read the article with a mindset of where AI is going to take us via how we manage our democracy. I found the following points really interesting

  • AI assisted politics means AI helping politicians customize their message to a specific audience. Imagine AI telling a politician what to say to somebody based on learning what matters to that person through various social sources. This can allow a much higher success rate to reason with a person leading to more votes and funding. In the near future, AI will be a requirement to be a successful politician based on this concept.
  • AI assisted legislators and bureaucracy means using AI to find loop holes an build legal cases. This could lead to AI based services that don’t require humans to help with legal situations. Imagine in the near future, you get sued for something and you simply just fill out a form and let a AI bot create your response.
  • An AI assisted legal system could mean creating laws faster than they are released today. Technology is out pacing law. AI could help fill this gap.
  • Another interesting concept is how AI can assist a citizen. Every time I’m called to vote, my biggest challenge is having the time to understand what each candidate is all about. I believe the average American just votes for people associated with whatever party they are aligned with regardless of that person’s goals. It would be great to ask AI to summarize what candidates plan to do as well as ask a series of questions to the AI as if I was asking those questions to the candidate. That feedback will lead to people be more open to other candidates vs just defaulting to their party’s pick. Questions for me would include how will the desired changes from this candidate impact my financial future, thoughts on current laws, track record, etc.

As Bruce pointed out in this article, AI will change our country. Will those changes be for good or cause problems? My guess is probably a bit of both …

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