Be careful what you tell your chatbot helper…

There is a ton of hype around the value that chatbots bring. Some use them to build a travel itinerary while others use it to write their resume cover letter. Security people however, are worried about where all of this data is going as well as how it could be abused. Large search engines and social media resources have already been flagged dozens of times for concerns of abusing data collected. AI could pose an even larger threat based on how it not only collects data, but also can create its own viewpoints.

Another concern is how much we rely on AI. Today, its a new fad but the future is likely to build offerings based on AI. Microsoft already announced adding AI to its browser Bing. In the near future, many applications we all will use will require AI hence our data will be processed. If the wrong party can access this data, it could lead to the largest data breach ever encountered.

The Guardian posted their own thoughts on this topic HERE. Its work reading so you are aware of the potential risks associated with trusting AI based technology. I’m a believer in the value AI brings but its also smart to be cautious about what you share. I wouldn’t suggest providing any chat AI offering sensitive data. I recommend treating what you provide to AI based offerings similar to what you would post on public forums unless there is some confirmation that your data will remain secured.

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