AI-Powered Russian Network Pushes Fake Political News

Inforsecurity magazine posted about how security researchers have discovered a major new Russian disinformation campaign using generative AI (GenAI) to “plagiarize and weaponize” content from major news organizations, in a bid to influence Western voters. I believe most technology experts expect this to happen. Using fake political news to influence elections is not a new topic. What is really concerning is how AI powered versions of this threat can be extremely convincing. You can see this post found HERE.

I’ve personally seen AI tests that ask the viewer to determine between two videos which video was AI generated and which was not. The tech is not perfect, but it is getting really REALLY good at mimicking real content. I had problems picking all of the AI content. The concerning part is the indicators used to show AI videos are not real, are likely to go away as the AI technology used to create such videos gets more mature.

We (US citizens) will see more of this in the coming months leading to the next election.

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