Snowshoe Spam Attack Comes and Goes in a Flurry

Jaeson Schultz and Craig Williams recently posed on the Cisco security blog about research on the latest snowshoe spam trends being seen. They explain the problem, what they are seeing and suggestions for remediation. The original post can be found HERE.

Every so often, we observe certain spam campaigns that catch our interest. On August 15, we observed a particular spam campaign that caught our attention because it was using “snowshoe” spam techniques combined with PDF exploitation. While neither of these techniques are new, we have seen a growing trend involving snowshoe spam and we wanted to explain why the bad guys seem to be moving in that direction with a real world example. As you can see from the chart below, we’ve seen the amount of snowshoe spam double since November of 2013.snowshoe1

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Open App ID: Cisco commits to open source and application identification


My buddy Aamir wrote a summary of the open source announcement by Cisco at RSA last week (original post can be found HERE). Cisco also announced integrating FireAMP with Cisco email, web and cloud security products. FireAMP gives Cisco products the ability to detect infected files by searching for known hashes, sandboxing unknown files and other detection means. More on the FireAMP capabilities can be found HERE. Another source for these announcements is on the Network World blog found HERE Continue reading

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2014 UPDATE: Web Security Offerings From Cisco: Comparing the Latest Cisco CX Firewall to Cisco Web Security Appliance


I wrote a post comparing Cisco’s Next Generation Firewall known as ASA CX vs. Cisco’s Web Security Appliance / Proxy known as WSA HERE. Here is a update to that post as requested by some readers.

In summary, the WSA is a security appliance that can act as a proxy focusing on network bound traffic such as port 80, 443 and 21. The ASA CX is an all ports and protocol firewall with reputation and IPS security (IPS being added in October 2013). Both solutions can provide reputation based security meaning stopping the attacker (more on this concept can be found HERE), Integrate with authentication systems such as Active Directory, can view HTTPS via decryption, application visibly with policy enforcement (IE identify and block Farmsville within Facebook) and detection of threats however detection methods are slightly different (one uses a combination of AV / malware engines while the other uses IPS).  Continue reading

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How to configure a Cisco virtual Web Security Appliance vWSA home lab

The Internet is not a safe place. Best practice is protecting users with a Web Security solution. The ideal solution should be able to identify the attackers meaning verifying the source of the threat along with various methods to look for attacks. Cisco accomplishes this through a combination of global correlation (IE verifying if the source is malicious based on things like location, time the source has ben active, reputation, content, etc.), malware scanning and traffic monitoring.

The flagship web security solution from cisco is the Web Security Appliance (WSA) coming from the 2007 Ironport acquisition. Other web security options are a cloud offering and next generation firewall addition to the ASA firewall known as CX. More on Cisco’s Web Security options can be found HERE. Continue reading

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Cisco’s Cyber Solutions – What Is Happening In Your Network

WatchingToday’s threat landscape is loaded with malicious websites, malware and other risks that attack users every nanosecond of the day.  There isn’t a single product available that can guarantee protection from cyber threats. Older solutions leveraging static technologies such as signatures are not good enough. The best approach for dealing with advanced threats is continuously monitoring the entire network through layering security technologies. Continue reading

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Web Security Offerings From Cisco: Comparing Cisco NEW CX to IronPort Web Security Appliance WSA

CXToday’s Internet is a dangerous place. Imagine a small village with law and order surrounded by a wall keeping out miles of ungoverned ruthless territory. Most known websites surfed daily by your users make up a small percentage of the total Internet. The remaining 80% or more of uncategorized websites are contaminated with Botnets, malware and short-lived websites targeting your users. Many of these malicious websites are embedded in trusted sites such as social networks by hiding in advertisements or silly links posted by your friends. The best protection for this threat vector is limiting Internet usage to trusted websites and monitoring those websites for malicious applications. Continue reading

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Securing Teleworkers: Building A Remote Access Solution For Teleworking

Securing Teleworkers
Securing Teleworkers is at the top of the to do list for many organizations. President Obama signed a bill aimed to significantly boost teleworking by federal employees. There are lots of business benefits from teleworking however permitting remote access to internal resources increases risk. Here are some tips to consider when securing your teleworkers. Continue reading

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