Stopping Both Attackers and Attacks – The Future of Network Security


The future of security must reach beyond the capability of an appliance. There are too many attack vectors that are continuously changing to detect with a silo solution. It basically comes down to this …. there are only so many signatures that can be checked against as well as behavior algorithms that can be put in place before you must let traffic pass. Odds are, a malicious attacker will eventually bypass detection based on the fact that there are hackers out there with a rack of all the latest vendor IPS, Firewalls, etc. in a lab designed to test how effective a piece of malware is against any enterprise security solution. So in a nutshell, you will only be able to stop the majority of attacks launched against your network. Something will eventually get through. This means detecting and preventing can’t be your only security strategy. Continue reading

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Cisco’s Cyber Solutions – What Is Happening In Your Network

WatchingToday’s threat landscape is loaded with malicious websites, malware and other risks that attack users every nanosecond of the day.  There isn’t a single product available that can guarantee protection from cyber threats. Older solutions leveraging static technologies such as signatures are not good enough. The best approach for dealing with advanced threats is continuously monitoring the entire network through layering security technologies. Continue reading

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