Cisco’s Cyber Solutions – What Is Happening In Your Network

WatchingToday’s threat landscape is loaded with malicious websites, malware and other risks that attack users every nanosecond of the day.  There isn’t a single product available that can guarantee protection from cyber threats. Older solutions leveraging static technologies such as signatures are not good enough. The best approach for dealing with advanced threats is continuously monitoring the entire network through layering security technologies. Continue reading

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The Anti-Malware / Anti-Virus Vendor Apocalypse: What Security Solution Is Right For You?

If you search the Internet for anti-malware/Virus or attend security conferences, you will find billions of vendors. Which solution is best? There are endpoint and server solutions, network appliances and embedded upgrades for existing applications. What separates the gazillion anti-whatever solutions outside of price? Many claim reaction time however what separates “X Faster Than Y” when most attacks do damage in milliseconds? It’s best to step away from vendors and understand the DATA you are protecting before considering a solution. Continue reading

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