Improve Security By Turning On Existing Cisco Security Routing And Switching Features

Many customers use Cisco networking products however don’t enable built in security features included with standard software. You can find many of these by searching google or checking out Cisco campaigns such as “Turn It On”. Some of my favorite commands typically not used by customers are Control Plane Policing, NetFlow, IP SLA, Embedded Event Manager and Port Security.

The route processor of Cisco devices is critical to network operation. Disrupting the route process can lead to network outages (IE denial of service attacks). Control Plane Policing (CPP) protects the control and management planes, which ensure routing stability through filtering and rate limiting control plane packets. Some administrators may use multiple ACLs to defend against these types of denial of services attacks however ACL management complexity increases as the networks scales. Best practice is to enable CPP to improve reliability of your infrastructure against this threat vector. Continue reading

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