Beware of Grandparents ID Scam Leveraging Social Networks

ElderScamSocial engineering is all about abusing trust. Many of the phishing attacks found online have the goal of stealing money using tactics such as requesting money for some bogus lost relative. The average “Millennial” has seen this spam however the people behind these scams are taking a all time low approach by targeting elderly family members who are more likely to fall for these tricks.

This post will cover a scam that some of my coworkers have claimed was targeted at their family. In summary, attackers are levering social media to identify relatives of people, reaching out to their grandparents and asking for money while pretending to be a grandchild in trouble. Continue reading

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Invention Market Scam – Don’t Waste Your Money With Davison.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 4.02.28 PMI discovered a scam while researching methods to develop new ideas. Like many people, I have ideas but unsure how to make them real products. I found firms offering research, prototype development and marketing services for inventions. I decided to run a few ideas through the top advertised firm on Google known as Davison Design & Development. Continue reading

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craigslist scam red flags: The story behind the craigslist con

craigslist scamA few months ago I posted about two craigslist scam attempts from adds I listed (go HERE to read). I recently had a few more craigslist scam attempts and noticed a pattern between the different methods to con me. Here are a few Red Flags for scams on craigslist or other merchant websites.

Flag 1: Want your item right away Continue reading

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Two craiglist Scams: PayPal Email Scam / Cashier’s Check Scam

I personally had two craiglist scams attempted on me last week via a PayPal email scam and cashier’s check scam. The background story is I just purchased a new car (fist pump!) and attempted to sell my old car on craiglist. I posted it and received two fishy emails, which common sense screamed SCAM however I played things out for the sake of education and my blog readers.

Scam 1: I received an email asking about the car. After some basic emails the person said they will take it. I ask about seeing it and get back “I need a favor, I got a message from the pick up agent H/Q in the US that I need to pay a commission of about $900 before the pickup. It’s a private shipper agent, which can only take western union. All I need from you is to include fees and assure me that you can help me wire the agent. There isn’t any western unions around here or I would do it”. I say fine and the person asks for my paypal email. I tell him it’s my gmail and 30 minutes later I get the email below. His Canadian address made me laugh (not shown). Continue reading

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