How To Educate Your Employees About Social Engineering

fingercrossedA common saying is ” Amateurs Hack Systems, Professionals Hack People”.  Social engineering is the art of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. People fall for social engineering tricks based on their instinct to be helpful and trusting. The typical attacker never comes face-to-face with a victim using deception through email, social networks or over the phone. Continue reading

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RSA NetWitness: An Anatomy Of An Attack

Here is a post from my friend Aamir Lakhani’s blog about RSA NetWitness. The original can be found at Cloud Centrics ( Really good post on NetWitness.

RSA NetWitness

RSA NetWitness is a unique solution that captures, store and analyze network data traffic. This gives you the able to see exactly what comes in and goes out of the network in real time . In simple terms, RSA offers to you a Network CCTV. Not only that, NetWitness also allows you to see the traffic in action as it reconstructs the data that flows through the network into its original format according to its own type or application. This helps you strengthen your security measures by taking appropriate action. On top of that, since all traffic is captured and stored, you will be able to go back to a particular period of time and conduct historical data analysis. Nothing escapes undetected. Continue reading

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Enforcing Network Policy Internally, Remotely And To Mobile Devices

Network PolicyMany corporations fail to establish and enforce a network policy. A network policy is a set of conditions, limitations, and customized settings designed to control how authorized subjects use network resources. Common examples of a network policy are controlling access to adult, gambling, hacking, blacklisted and other website categories that violate human resource (HR) and security standards. Network Policy requirements can change based on device type, time of day and user role. Its key that network policy is automatically enforced rather than something end-users choose to abide by or most likely will fail when most needed. Continue reading

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