Book Complete: Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux – Released August 2013

KaliLinux_Pentest_ Book

We are done! Aamir Lakhani ( and I have finished our book “Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux”.

You can pre-order the book from Packt Publishing’s website at: Continue reading

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My Article in PenTest Magazine – Backtrack Compendium July 2013


PenTest Magazine just released a issue focused on BackTrack titled BackTrack Compendium. I wrote a piece on compromising passwords using tools available in Kali Linux. An image from the introduction of my piece can be found below. I haven’t had a chance to review the entire magazine however glancing over it and found many interesting topics such as “Improve your Firewall Auditing”, “Building a SQLI Test Lab”, “How to Set Up a Software Hacking Lab”, “Multiphase Penetration Testing with Metasploit, Backtrack and Armitage”, “Metasploit Primer”, and many many more. I have a lot of good reading to do this week 🙂 Continue reading

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Defining The Difference Between A Penetration Test, Vulnerability Assessment and Security Audit

businessman opening shirt with is handsThe terms Penetration Test, Vulnerability Assessment and Security Audit are often blended together when requested by clients or offered by security service providers. All three terms have security aspects however are very different regarding what purpose they serve as well as the expected deliverable. Continue reading

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PART 2 “The Attack” – THE SOCIAL MEDIA DECEPTION PROJECT : How We Created Emily Williams To Compromise Our Target


Last year Aamir Lakhani and Joseph Muniz developed a fake identity known as Emily Williams with the purpose of compromising a specific target using social media. We created Emily Williams based on research from Robin Sage, which showcased how a fake identity could obtain sensitive information from social media resources. We wondered if a similar approach could be used for targeted attacks and developed Emily Williams for that purpose. More information on developing Emily Williams via Part 1 of this project can be found HERE. Continue reading

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THE SOCIAL MEDIA DECEPTION PROJECT : How We Created Emily Williams To Compromise Our Target

Disclaimer: This post has been modified to exclude specific subjects not approved for public viewing


Emily Williams and Robin Sage

Emily Williams and Robin Sage don’t exist in the real world. They are fake social network accounts designed to obtain sensitive information. Robin Sage was created in late 2009 to obtain information from intelligence on US military personnel. Her story was presented at the Black Hat hacker conference upsetting many people by exposing the type of sensitive data provided over social networks. Joey Muniz and Aamir Lakhani decided to go one-step further and ask the hard question: “what else can happen outside of data being leaked over social networks”. We decided to find out using Emily Williams. Continue reading

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How To Educate Your Employees About Social Engineering

fingercrossedA common saying is ” Amateurs Hack Systems, Professionals Hack People”.  Social engineering is the art of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. People fall for social engineering tricks based on their instinct to be helpful and trusting. The typical attacker never comes face-to-face with a victim using deception through email, social networks or over the phone. Continue reading

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Cool Book : Nmap 6 – Network Exploration and Security Auditing Cookbook


I get invited to review things from time to time. My latest invite was reviewing a cookbook style guide designed to be a reference for beginner and advance Nmap users. For those that are not familiar with Nmap, it’s an open-source tool built for network exploration and security auditing. Nmap users range from ethical penetration testers to evil hackers. There are dozens of tools that perform automated assessment functions however nothing beats a very skilled Nmap user. Continue reading

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