The Business Value Of NetFlow : Why Invest In NetFlow Technology?

LadyWallThere has been a rapid increase in demand for security solutions that can defend against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Why? Because today, cyber criminals don’t use a specific attack to compromise targeted networks. Continue reading

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Beating Signature Based Security – Dynamic Software That Obfuscates Malware

Most Security solutions leverage a combination of signature and behavior based technology (more HERE). This worked in the past however today these solutions are not good enough regardless if you layer multiple products that are built upon similar scanning methods. There are many ways to bypass point Security products such as throttling behavior and masking the known fingerprint of the attack code. A example of a technique used to hide malware from popular Anti-Virus packages is leveraging Dynamic Obfuscation software. Obfuscates

Continue reading

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What Malicious Traffic Is On Your Network? Use Free Tools To Find Out : Wireshark and NetWitness

Wireshark NetWitnessHow secure is your home or corporate network? Many administrators believe they are protected behind layers of security solutions such as firewalls, IPS/IDS appliances, endpoint security products, content filters, SIEMs, etc. Regardless of your investment in security technology there will always be risk, which dramatically increases as soon as people are included in the equation. One way to verify your risk level is to become the hunter rather than hunted by scanning all traffic on your network for malicious behavior. You may be surprised to find an unpatched server leaking sensitive information through hidden ports or bots hidden on your personal computer phoning home in the middle of the night! Continue reading

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