Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Lancope

lancopeCisco Finally …. FINALLY announced to acquire Lancope. For those that don’t know, Lancope offers a bleeding edge NetFlow based security solution that can turn your entire network into a security sensor. The Yahoo original post can be found HERE.

SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired – Oct 27, 2015) – Today, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) announced its intent to acquire Lancope, Inc., a privately held network security company based in Alpharetta, GA. Lancope provides network behavior analytics, threat visibility and security intelligence to help protect companies against top cyber security threats. Continue reading

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Lancope StealthWatch : First Look At New GUI Interface

SW logo_color_final.aiI have posted about Lancope’s StealthWatch product line in the past. You can find a basic overview covering StealthWatch and ISE HERE. How to setup a StealthWatch lab can be found HERE. In summary, the Lancope StealthWatch solution uses NetFlow to turn general network equipment such as routers, switches, data center virtual switching, wireless access points, etc into sensor points for security and network performance. Think of it as turning general network gear into a IDS with some IPS capabilities. Most modern network equipment supports NetFlow so its something you probably have but not harvesting for threat intelligence.

For those familiar with StealthWatch, you have seen the java based interface to carve into data. One major new innovation with the product line is a web based GUI. This post will give a brief demo of the new GUI interface.  Continue reading

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Payment Card Industry PCI Security Best Practices

PCI_1Many industries rely on revenue generated by sales and if credit is used, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is mandated. This includes all industries that process, store or transmit credit card information. Like any compliancy standard, this is the minimal level of real security and should not be considered the goal to protect sensitive data. All compliance mandates that matter must go through various review and audit processes that take time and cause the results to be dated compared to the speed of new attacks you should expect against your network. This means meeting mandates such as PCI should just be part of your overall security strategy. Continue reading

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Using Lancope to identify Putter Panda, Heartbleed and other attacks

what-is-forensic-locksmithing Lancope is a NetFlow based tool that can turn your network into a gigantic sensor grid. This includes routers, switches, wireless access points, virtual systems aka servers in your data center and so on. So rather than having a handful of security tools looking for threats, your entire network takes part in your security defense against cyber attacks. I’ve wrote about Lancope HERE as well as how to build your own Lancope lab HERE. Lancope-Infographic-option2 The Lancope team runs a blog found HERE that has provided posts about using their solution to identify the latest cyber attacks. Some interesting articles recently posted focus on threats like Heartbleed, Putter Panda and Saffron Rose. Continue reading

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Using Metasploit To Bypass Anti-Virus Software – Generating and Obfuscating Payloads


I’m often asked “why did my system get infected when I had the latest system updates and anti-virus enabled?” Well, a fundamental concept behind security products is they can only look for so many things or use so many detection techniques before they must permit traffic. This means your defenses will fail if an attack uses a method that your detection system can’t see or scanner does not have an existing signature to scan against. This is why attackers hide exploits using techniques such as obfuscation to bypass security detection. Continue reading

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Launching and Preventing Denial of Service Attacks – DDoS / DoS


I have recently seen a uptick in DDoS / DoS attacks against my customers and asked questions such as “how easy is it to perform these attacks?”, “who launches these attacks?” and “how can I defend against such attacks?”. I have spoke about this topic in the past however will provide both the executing and defending side of DoS in this post. Continue reading

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Five Myths about NetFlow

Alicia Butler from Lancope wrote a interesting post about the 5th Myths about NetFlow. You can find the original post HERE


NetFlow is an important tool for incident responders, providing valuable insight into the activities that take place on organizations networks. NetFlow is capable of summarizing information about network traffic into brief records that may be maintained indefinitely, providing a running history of network connections that may be referenced during incident response.

With all the good NetFlow brings, there are still some misconceptions about NetFlow that need to be dispelled. Continue reading

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Visual Investigations of Botnet Command and Control Behavior Infographic

Here is a really cool infographic developed by the director of researcher at Lancope. The original post can be found HERE.

In October, Tom Cross, Lancope’s Director of Research, presented a poster at Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec) 2013 in Atlanta, GA . The poster included visualizations of the command-and-control channels of nearly two million botnet samples in an effort to help foster a better understanding of how botnets operate, and more effectively differentiate them from legitimate network traffic. The poster was created as a result of data analysis conducted by Lancope’s StealthWatch Labs research team. Continue reading

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