Locky Ransomware – What It Is and How To Defend Against It

ransomwareThere has been a lot of chatter about a new ransomware being called Locky due to how it renames the files to .locky after encrypting the data. Darkreading posted an article HERE explaining some recent news and Sophos also did a good write up HERE. This post will talk about what Locky is and how to protect your organization from Locky as well as other ransomware. Continue reading

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Identity Services Engine (ISE) 2.0 First Look – Compared to 1.4

ISEI recently posted about the new release of Cisco’s flagship access control solution Identity Services Engine (ISE) 2.0 HERE. That post lists the highlights of the new features including the highly requested TACACTS+ support. I downloaded the .ova file and performed a fresh install using the virtualized version supporting up to 6,000 devices. This post provides a first look overview of the new features as well as compares ISE 2.0 to the last release 1.4. Continue reading

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Out Now: Security Operations Center: Building, Operating, and Maintaining your SOC

IMG_2314My book has officially published and its a few weeks early! I’m touching the first one at a conference before I received my author copies. I believe the discount code still works if you are interested in purchasing it. You must go to the Ciscopress website to use it.

Security Operations Center
Pre-Order Special: Save 35% with Discount Code SOC35

Book Price: $54.99
Sale Price: $35.74*

Buy the Book
eBook Price: $43.99
Sale Price: $28.59

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Cisco Press Security Operations Center – Save 35%

NewSOCBookCoverThe publisher Cisco Press is offering a Pre-Order discount code to save 35% off my new book. You can order it from the Cisco press website HERE. The book should start being available on other popular sources soon however this discount is only available through Ciscopress.com. Enjoy Continue reading

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Cisco ASA 5506 Unboxing and First Look At New ASDM Management

ASAs1I finally received a brand new ASA5506 and thought I would share my experience along with the new FirePOWER ASDM GUI. For those that are not aware of this release or the ASA series, the history goes like this. Cisco released the VPN concentrator and PIX firewall a long time ago. Eventually those technologies were consolidated into the Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) series of appliances. The smallest 1st generation ASA is the 5505 that has been around for a long time and designed for small offices or home networks (shown in the above picture on the right). Cisco released a new line of ASA appliances known as the X series however didn’t release a replacement for the 5505 until this past March. That replacement is the ASA5506 (the black appliance on the left). Continue reading

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Book Review: Penetration Testing With Raspberry Pi

raspberrypiBerislav Kucan from net-security.org posted a nice writeup on the book Aamir Lakahni and I wrote on penetration testing using a Raspberry Pi. The original write up can be found HERE.


Raspberry Pi is a small and portable single board computer that can be transformed into a penetration testing system. This book will show you how. Continue reading

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2015 Verizon Breach Investigation Report (VBIR) Out Now – First Look


The latest 2015 Verizon Breach Investigation Report (VBIR) is now out and can be downloaded HERE. For those that have not seen these reports, they survey a number of customers and gather information about different types of breaches. It is a trend based report but great data to get an idea of which types of attacks are being seen by different types of businesses. Continue reading

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Installing and Troubleshooting Kali Linux On Raspberry Pi


I have been asked a handful of times about the steps to install Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi. My buddy Aamir Lakhani and I went through the installation process a million times with different models to develop our best practices for the installation process. This post will cover a very short summary of how to install Kali Linux on a model B+ Raspberry Pi. The full details as well as many other Raspberry Pi penetration testing use cases can be found in our book HERE. Continue reading

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