Configuring Cisco ISE With Wireless For Mobile Device Access Control : iPad Android Etc.

My team built a Cisco Identity Services Engine ISE demo lab designed to secure mobile devices such as iPads, Androids, etc. We ran into a few snags however in the end got the system to work nicely. Here is a guide to help you build a Cisco ISE lab for securing mobile devices.

First the assumption is you have a standard Cisco ISE configuration built. In our lab, we use Cisco UCS to host a virtualized ISE appliance, Active Directory and other services. For hardware, we had a Cisco 3560 switch running 12.2 55E (downgraded from 12.2 58), ASA 5505 (for outbound NATing, info HERE) and Cisco Wireless network consisting of two APs and WLC appliance (NOTE: WLC MUST run 7.X code for Radius between ISE and WLC to work!!!). The ISE system was synched with AD for three identity groups (employees, contractors and guests). We used the default 90-day demo license and enabled all profiling probes. The wireless system was built in a standard fashion. Continue reading

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Authentication: Why Authentication Solutions Are Import To Security

authenticationAuthentication is a critical security topic many administrations overlook. You can build layers of security however inadequate authentication methods can lead to sensitive information being compromised. Calculating investments in authentication should be comparable to costs of loosing critical data, which for most organizations is VERY expensive. It baffles me when stakes are high yet agencies don’t invest in authentication solutions. A well rounded authentication architecture should include multi-factor authentication and leverage user identity for access control to the network, device management and physical access to locations with critical infrastructure. Continue reading

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