Malwarebytes annouces FBI Ransomware Now Targeting Apple’s Mac OS X Users

Interesting release from Malwarebytes regarding a new type of ransomware that targets Mac systems. This goes to show that Macs can be infected with malware and most likely will continue to be a focus for malicious attacks as Apple wins marketshare. Yes, Windows based systems have more known malware in the wild however, Macs are not necessarily more secure as many people believe. The original article can be found HERE. Credit due to Jerome Segura (@jeromesegura), senior security researcher at Malwarebytes and the rest of his team.

For years, Windows users have been plagued by ransomware demanding several hundred dollars to unlock their computers. Continue reading

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You Dont Have To Lose A Credit Card To Become A Victim Of Fraud

creditcard1A coworker of mine, Tom Cross, was featured on CBS Atlanta regarding a case where a newscast member had her credit card information stolen. An interesting aspect of this situation is the criminals obtained the card number while the victim was in another city holding the authentic card. It is undetermined how the criminals stole the card number to create the duplicate but the motive clear … purchase giftcards until the credit card account becomes locked. Continue reading

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The Business Value Of NetFlow : Why Invest In NetFlow Technology?

LadyWallThere has been a rapid increase in demand for security solutions that can defend against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Why? Because today, cyber criminals don’t use a specific attack to compromise targeted networks. Continue reading

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