Configuring Cisco LAN Manager LMS 4.2 To Assess Your Network And Check Compliance

Cisco’s flagship network management solution LMS has come a VERY long way. I was a Cisco LAN Manager LMS hater for a long time however the latest version is a completely new program. I’m now using LMS as my go to assessment tool and extremely happy with its capabilities. Here are a few steps to setup your own Cisco LMS environment.

Go to and download the latest LMS software (4.2). You will have a full 90-day license upon installation. The requirements for LMS are pretty large however they offer a few options regarding storage (thick takes up around 270 gigs even though its not all used while thin uses around 90 gigs). See the cisco LMS website on the exact specs. I’m currently using ESXI 5 on a customized MACMINI to host my LMS 4.2. Continue reading

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Network Management Tools : HP Network Automation / Cisco NCM, EMC Voyence, WhatsUpGold, SolarWinds, Cisco LMS

Network Management ToolsNetwork Management Tools (NMTs) are key for medium to enterprise network management. Without a centralized management suite, network administration becomes the Wild West. Network Management at first glance may not seem like a security topic however proper management reduces risk, which improves security. Its important to leverage NMTs to maintain policy by enforcing network management through a complete audit trail, standardize device software and configuration, automate changes and prevent failure with continuous backup. Continue reading

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How To Perform A Network Assessment: The Application / Toolset Concepts

network assessment
The term “Network Assessment” is interpreted many different ways. Definitions range from routers to laptops or servers in the datacenter. I’ve been involved with assessments for devices that utilize device management login methods through TACACS, RADIUS or Local Authentication. To be clear, I’m talking about routers, switches, IPS/IDS appliances, VPN concentrators, Wireless Access Points, Firewalls, etc. I’m not referring to systems with operating systems such as laptops, desktops, printers, servers, etc. The reason is the assessment goals, login methods, and tools for routers are typically different than scanning laptops and server operating systems. Continue reading

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