Lancope StealthWatch : First Look At New GUI Interface

SW logo_color_final.aiI have posted about Lancope’s StealthWatch product line in the past. You can find a basic overview covering StealthWatch and ISE HERE. How to setup a StealthWatch lab can be found HERE. In summary, the Lancope StealthWatch solution uses NetFlow to turn general network equipment such as routers, switches, data center virtual switching, wireless access points, etc into sensor points for security and network performance. Think of it as turning general network gear into a IDS with some IPS capabilities. Most modern network equipment supports NetFlow so its something you probably have but not harvesting for threat intelligence.

For those familiar with StealthWatch, you have seen the java based interface to carve into data. One major new innovation with the product line is a web based GUI. This post will give a brief demo of the new GUI interface.  Continue reading

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Cisco’s Cyber Solutions – What Is Happening In Your Network

WatchingToday’s threat landscape is loaded with malicious websites, malware and other risks that attack users every nanosecond of the day.  There isn’t a single product available that can guarantee protection from cyber threats. Older solutions leveraging static technologies such as signatures are not good enough. The best approach for dealing with advanced threats is continuously monitoring the entire network through layering security technologies. Continue reading

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