How To Secure Your Wireless Network: Identifying Rouge Wireless Devices

rouge wireless devicesDetecting rouge wireless devices can be a headache if not performed properly. I’ve asked customers “How do you ENFORCE your zero wireless policy?” and received many answers. Example one is “We have random sweeps with wireless detectors” which are only good at the time of the sweep and range of the detector. Example two is “We use network access control (NAC) so plugging in rouge wireless devices will be denied” which can be bypassed by having an approved laptop act as a wireless bridge. Example three is “We have wireless scanners in our building” however are they certified for all frequencies or are you missing devices on other frequencies? Here are some tips for properly detecting rouge wireless devices. Continue reading

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WIDS WIPS 101: Wireless Intrusion Detection And Prevention Systems Wireless IDS IPS

WIDS WIPSMany security professionals understand the concepts behind Intrusion Detection and Prevention solutions IPS IDS for LAN and WAN however not Wireless WIDS WIPS.  If you plan to provide network and wireless access, you need to equally secure all access avenues or you are not securing access to your network properly. Many security professionals see IDS IPS as key technology for their network so it’s important to understand the fundamentals behind wireless IDS IPS aka WIDS WIPS as well. Continue reading

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