My Awesome Portable Lab – Apple Mac mini Running ESXI 5.0 5.1 hosting Cisco ISE, NCS, Backtrack, Lancope and More

applemacminiPart of my job is being an expert on various technologies. This means having hands on experience with the latest products as well as the ability to demonstrate how specific solutions work. Many vendors are virtualizing their solutions making it easier to build a home lab that is portable and light on power usage. My team has researched the best method for a mobile home lab based on price, size, power consumption and noise. After comparing various servers and laptops, we found the Apple Mac mini to be the best choice. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack, low on power consumption, silent and around $1,400 fully loaded. Continue reading

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Hacking the iPhone : Breaking Pins and Passcodes : Booting without approved Apple Firmware

“My buddy Aamir Lakhani is developing a iOS security class and recently posted about hacking iOS devices. This is a very popular subject and want to share this. Also shout out to Tom Bedwell for his assistance with the research. You can find the original posting at”

iOS devices can be booted with their own  kernel  and micro operating systems instead of approved Apple firmware. When iOS devices are loaded with a micro kernel, you can run attacks such as bypassing the passcode, decrypting passwords, copying file systems, viewing emails and much more. The following guide describes how to create a RAM DISK, however it may not function precisely as a step-by-step instruction set, since each system is unique and requires some level of customization. Continue reading

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Securing Mobile Devices: How To Secure The iPad 2, iPhone, and Android

securing mobile devices
IPads and iPhones are pretty awesome. They are slick looking and fun to play with. My friend’s Android is pretty cool as well. I had to find an app that gave my iPhone a slider login to counter his coolness. Regardless of the cool factor, many agencies are afraid these devices bring lots of risk if permitted on the cooperate network. Continue reading

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