Cross-Platform Malware: A Growing Threat For Computers

The MobiStealth team created a infographic featuring a known cross-platform malware known as Koobface. Check out the research and infograph below. The original can be found HERE.

Computer Malware & Koofbace:
The mention of cross-platform malware may not cause too many heads to turn today, but in 2009, it was still a relatively unfamiliar threat. That is precisely why the notorious computer worm popularly known as Koobface managed to wreck so much havoc using social networking websites, email outlets and messenger services. Unlike other malware, it spared no OS, be it Windows, Mac, or even Linux. The computer worm proved to be a really hard nut for the security experts to crack, giving it plenty of time to expand its list of victims and snagging money off them. Take a look at our Koobface infographics to see what the greatest threat in malware history had been up to and what you can do to keep yourself off its list of victims. Continue reading
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Cisco’s Cyber Solutions – What Is Happening In Your Network

WatchingToday’s threat landscape is loaded with malicious websites, malware and other risks that attack users every nanosecond of the day.  There isn’t a single product available that can guarantee protection from cyber threats. Older solutions leveraging static technologies such as signatures are not good enough. The best approach for dealing with advanced threats is continuously monitoring the entire network through layering security technologies. Continue reading

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Web Security Offerings From Cisco: Comparing Cisco NEW CX to IronPort Web Security Appliance WSA

CXToday’s Internet is a dangerous place. Imagine a small village with law and order surrounded by a wall keeping out miles of ungoverned ruthless territory. Most known websites surfed daily by your users make up a small percentage of the total Internet. The remaining 80% or more of uncategorized websites are contaminated with Botnets, malware and short-lived websites targeting your users. Many of these malicious websites are embedded in trusted sites such as social networks by hiding in advertisements or silly links posted by your friends. The best protection for this threat vector is limiting Internet usage to trusted websites and monitoring those websites for malicious applications. Continue reading

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