Comparing iOS to Android – Which is more secure?

Android-Vs-iOSI have been asked a bunch of times “Which is the more secure mobile platform? Android or iOS?”. There are tons of articles on this topic found by searching on Google. Here is my two cents on the topic.

When looking at Apple iOS and Android, both take completely different approaches to security giving pros and cons to each option. Apple is extremely strict with how applications can leverage resources while Android is open source. For example, Apple devices sandbox APPs meaning they can’t interact with other APPs. Only “jail broken” phones open up the ability for applications to interact with other resources. So for those thinking its smart to jailbreak your iPhone, just be warned that you are also putting your device at risk for compromise. Continue reading

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Two Cool Gadgets To Help Be Healthy This Year: Zombies, Run! Jawbone UP

This blog is typically dedicated to security topics however I thought I would share about two cool gadgets I’ve been using to a live healthier lifestyle. Check them out and make 2013 a healthier year for you.

Zombies, Run!zombies1

I love playing soccer but HATE running as a form of exercise. The problem I have is my mind concentrates on how uncomfortable I feel. I can run for miles on the soccer field but not around the neighborhood. Continue reading

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An Overview Of Zenprise Mobile Device Management MDM – Setting Up A Zenprise Lab

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a hot topic for many industries. Lately security people are using the term BYOD like datacenter folks classify everything as Cloud. My team has advised our customers using a best practice BYOD architecture (more info HERE) and like many consultants feel Mobile Device Management aka MDM is a key factor. Continue reading

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Mobile Device Theft : How They Get Into Your Locked Phone And What You Can Do

Everybody hates losing things. It drives you mad looking in the same places thinking a magic gnome will put your item back. Usually that doesn’t happen. Especially when it’s a highly desired product such as a mobile device. Mobile devices are becoming a leading target for theft since they can carry as much sensitive data as a standard laptop. Hackers can steal your photos, instant messages and web history. Some mobile app leverage cookies that never expire meaning hackers could essentially access sensitive websites such as your bank account through replaying old sessions. Continue reading

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Addressing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): How to manage and secure mobile endpoints

BYODThe majority of today’s workforce uses multiple devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones (IE brings their own device or BYOD). Leadership from most industries is being asked to permit these devices on the network in some limited or full fashion. Common BYOD questions are “how do I support growth for users with multiple devices?”, “what type of access should guest and employees use for mobile devices?”, “how do I provision corporate mobile devices?”, and “what security vulnerabilities am I exposed to by permitting mobile devices?”. All are good questions and can be addressed by focusing on three core BYOD concepts: Infrastructure, Access Control and Device Management. Continue reading

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What To Look For In A Mobile Device Management MDM Solution

MDM solutionIT administrators are being asked to come up with ways to permit mobile devices onto the corporate network in a secure fashion (via MDM Solution or other technology) . This subject touches a few technology areas such as access control, secure wireless, data protection and secure management of mobile devices however the focus for this piece will be mobile device management. Members of my team have tested the MDM leaders such as Mobile Iron, Airwatch, Zenprise, Good Technology, McAfee, Symantec, etc. and summed up the following as things to consider when evaluating a Mobile Device Management solution. Continue reading

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Securing Mobile Devices: How To Secure The iPad 2, iPhone, and Android

securing mobile devices
IPads and iPhones are pretty awesome. They are slick looking and fun to play with. My friend’s Android is pretty cool as well. I had to find an app that gave my iPhone a slider login to counter his coolness. Regardless of the cool factor, many agencies are afraid these devices bring lots of risk if permitted on the cooperate network. Continue reading

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