VMware Buys AirWatch for $1.54 Billion

This was bound to happen. We saw Zenprise get picked up by Citrix. Many of expected Mobile Iron, Airwatch or Good to be next. William Alden from Dealbook gives us the skinny on the VMware purchased of mobile device security company AirWatch. The original post can be found HERE


Looking to shift its software offerings, VMware has struck a $1.54 billion deal to bolster its mobile technology.

VMware said on Wednesday that it had agreed to buy AirWatch, a start-up based in Atlanta that makes mobile management and security software for businesses. VMware is paying about $1.18 billion in cash and $365 million in installment payments and assumed unvested equity. Continue reading

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The Importance of a BYOD Policy for Companies

Here is a guest post from Pierluigi Paganini. He is a security researcher for InfoSec Institute. InfoSec Institute is an information security training company now offering a mobile computer forensics course.

The IT landscape is dominated by the rise of paradigms such as cloud computing, mobile networking, and social networking, three concepts that have totally revolutionized the daily user’s experience on the web. Continue reading

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An Overview Of Zenprise Mobile Device Management MDM – Setting Up A Zenprise Lab

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a hot topic for many industries. Lately security people are using the term BYOD like datacenter folks classify everything as Cloud. My team has advised our customers using a best practice BYOD architecture (more info HERE) and like many consultants feel Mobile Device Management aka MDM is a key factor. Continue reading

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Mobile Device Theft : How They Get Into Your Locked Phone And What You Can Do

Everybody hates losing things. It drives you mad looking in the same places thinking a magic gnome will put your item back. Usually that doesn’t happen. Especially when it’s a highly desired product such as a mobile device. Mobile devices are becoming a leading target for theft since they can carry as much sensitive data as a standard laptop. Hackers can steal your photos, instant messages and web history. Some mobile app leverage cookies that never expire meaning hackers could essentially access sensitive websites such as your bank account through replaying old sessions. Continue reading

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Mobile Device Management Testing: Setting up a basic Mobile Iron lab

Mobile device security is a hot topic for 2012 and some current industry leaders are Mobile Iron, AirwatchGood Technologies and Zenprise. There are two approaches to addressing mobile device security, which are a “sandbox” or “application management” approach (more info can be found HERE). My team found the majority of our customers prefer the application management approach offered by Mobile Iron and Airwatch. For those interested in evaluating Mobile Iron, below are some steps to setup a basic lab for testing functions such as remote wipe, policy enforcement, flagging jailbroken devices and other features. Continue reading

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Addressing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): How to manage and secure mobile endpoints

BYODThe majority of today’s workforce uses multiple devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones (IE brings their own device or BYOD). Leadership from most industries is being asked to permit these devices on the network in some limited or full fashion. Common BYOD questions are “how do I support growth for users with multiple devices?”, “what type of access should guest and employees use for mobile devices?”, “how do I provision corporate mobile devices?”, and “what security vulnerabilities am I exposed to by permitting mobile devices?”. All are good questions and can be addressed by focusing on three core BYOD concepts: Infrastructure, Access Control and Device Management. Continue reading

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What To Look For In A Mobile Device Management MDM Solution

MDM solutionIT administrators are being asked to come up with ways to permit mobile devices onto the corporate network in a secure fashion (via MDM Solution or other technology) . This subject touches a few technology areas such as access control, secure wireless, data protection and secure management of mobile devices however the focus for this piece will be mobile device management. Members of my team have tested the MDM leaders such as Mobile Iron, Airwatch, Zenprise, Good Technology, McAfee, Symantec, etc. and summed up the following as things to consider when evaluating a Mobile Device Management solution. Continue reading

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